We are a George Washington University-based analytical center which innovates in digital methods for Russian studies, facilitates research and data-driven decision making, and unites Russia experts from all over the world.
We condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and call for the restoration of Ukraine's territorial sovereignty

Our Publications

In the Media
The team at The Russia Program at GW provides insights into contemporary Russia, explores research methods, and addresses the challenges faced by the academic community in Russian studies.
    We instrumentalise applied data analysis and open-source intelligence methodologies to produce innovative research and teach.
    Digital Methods
    We are a horizontal platform that unites tens of leading experts on Russia from all over the globe under various programs
    Network and Community
    We bridge academia, policy, and broader expert communities by the means of special editorial policy and a variety of publication channels, including our own expert media Russia.Post.
    Impactful Publications
    We produce data-driven research on contemporary problems to improve understanding of Russia and build predictive models
    Policy-relevant Research
    We provide a number of opportunities for scholars to support the emergence of new ideas, conduct of innovative research, and popularization of knowledge
    Support to Scholars
    An Ecosystem for Producing Impactful Research on Russia
    We created a platform for answering questions about Russia using novel methodologies, scholarly networks, and delivering them to academic and policy audiences.
    We ask three major questions
    • What do Russians want?

      We are advancing methodologies for studying semi-closed societies and conduct sociological and data research on opinions in Russia.
    • What does Russia want?

      We examine how the Russian state changes as a system and implication of those change both on domestic and international arenas.
    • How does Russia engage with the Global South?

      We explore how Russia reinvents itself as a Global South power and how the Global South positions itself on the war
    The Digital Methods School

    A project for empowering scholars and experts to employ advanced digital research methods without requiring specialized IT training.
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    Our Network
    An innovative one-stop shop that offers short-term fellowships, along with conference and publishing support for Russian scholars in exile
    A non-profit association of scholars and experts working on issues related to Russian civil society, Russian immigrant communities, and academic freedom
    An open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing social research in Russian and English about Russia’s and Eurasia’s societies and their transformations

    RAD analyzes recent events, trends and developments within contemporary Russian politics, economics and business, foreign policy, security and society