Russia Program's Global Academy

An innovative one-stop shop that offers short-term fellowships, along with conference and publishing support for Russian scholars in exile.

Russia Program’s Global Academy
Ongoing crackdown on dissent in Russia threaten to plunge the Russian social sciences and humanities into a new era of isolation and wipe out over three decades of internationalization and transnational exchange. We have the duty not only to support our Russian colleagues and institutions in exile, but also to help build the capacity for younger generations of Russian students to be taught in a pluralistic environment, and to prepare for the time when Russia will reopen, in one form or another.

To answer these challenges, the Russian Global Academy helps the Russian academic diaspora to self-organize and maintain a degree of solidarity and cohesion. We aim at preserving Russian scholarly communities and fields by emphasizing digital professional communities and offering flexible solutions in a transition period of translation.
A DC consortium of three universities (GWU, Georgetown, and American University), the Academy delivers short-term non-residential fellowships to Russian scholars in exile, provides support for conference travel, and assists in editing and publishing scholarly work.
All applications for the Global Academy are currently closed and will reopen in the fall
Short-term fellowship
3-month fellowship for scholars in the following field of specialization dealing with contemporary Russia: political science, sociology, law, and economic reforms, and Russian and Soviet history. Applications for the short-term fellowship are currently closed but will reopen in the fall.
Conference travel grant
Support includes membership fees, registration fees, and travel and accommodation. This may include paying for airfare and hotel stays for those scholars abroad who cannot set up a bank account in the host country, as well as funding for travel to secure U.S. or Schengen visas.
Publishing support
Many Russian scholars face barriers to publishing in mainstream peer-reviewed journals because of the quality of their English, so we cover the fees for professional editing once a paper has been provisionally accepted, pending editing.
Fellowship eligibility
  • Having had a teaching and/or academic research position in Russia or having been enrolled in a PhD program in a Russian university until 2021 and having left since
  • Working on today’s Russia in political science, sociology, political economy, law, international relations, anthropology, Cultural Studies, or on Russian and Soviet history
  • Each fellow will be asked to write a short text on how they use the fellowship, and offer some deliverables in the form of a short publication or a presentation for an online seminar.
  • The fellowship amount varies based on the fellow's relocation place, from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per month.
The next round of applications will open soon
Applicants can apply for the three different grants simultaneously, according on their needs. An Advisory Board will review requests and evaluate them promptly.
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