Russia’s Arctic Future
A multidisciplinary research project that explores how Russia’s Arctic regions are changing and how local populations are dealing with sustainability issues
Russia’s Arctic Future project
The Russia’s Arctic Future project explores the sustainability of Russia's Arctic by looking at its environmental changes, governance systems, infrastructure challenges, social transformations, and the way local identities are built and negotiated.
Moscow’s myriad projects for the economic and social development of its Far North regions have been slowed down by Western sanctions, and the difficulties faced by large public and private Russian firms involved in Arctic extraction. Yet Russia has continued to work on keeping its Arctic regions alive and will remain a key Arctic power the West will have to dialogue with.
This project is based on multidisciplinarity approaches combining climatology, physical and political geography, sociology, and cultural anthropology.

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Urban Regimes in Russia’s Northern Cities


Marlene Laruelle

With growing urban activism and huge territorial contrasts, Russia offers a good case study for testing the notion of “urban regime” based on Murmansk, Norilsk, and Yakutsk.

Polar Islam: Muslim Communities in Russia’s Arctic Cities


Marlene Laruelle

On the birth and structuring of Muslim communities in Russia’s Arctic cities, a fascinating regional case study in the development of Islam.

Assessment of the cost of climate change impacts on critical infrastructure in the circumpolar Arctic


Luis Suter, Dmitry Streletskiy and Nikolay Shiklomanov

An estimation of the costs of fixed infrastructure as it is affected by the impacts of climate change in the Arctic region, specifically of permafrost thaw.

Dealing with the Bust in Vorkuta, Russia


Nikolay Shiklomanova, Dmitry Streletskiya, Luis Sutera, Robert Orttunga and Nadezhda Zamyatina

The governance path affecting the boom-bust cycle in Vorkuta as a case study for the role of institutional capacity and informality in mitigating the consequences of this cycle.

Stay or Leave? Arctic Youth Prospects and Sustainable Futures of the Russian Arctic Communities


Marya Rozanova-Smith

An exploration of how local youth contribute to social sustainability and define the futures of their Arctic citiesusing Naryan-Mar, Salekhard, and Novy Urengoy.

Resilience in a Changing World: Indigenous Sharing Networks in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)


Vera Solovyeva and Vera Kuklina

Global change poses challenges for remote Arctic indigenous communities in Sakha, but sharing networks may enhance resilience.
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