Envisioning the Future
This project aims at mobilizing humanities and social science knowledge to explore new horizons and generate new visions of the future.
Envisioning the Future
The Envisioning the Future project attempts to rethink Russia and introduce new visions for its future by combining scholarly work, public conversations, and new research methods. Envisioning the Future aims to invent a future that Russian society would want to enter into.
We will not return to the previous world order once the war is over. Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world was going through cycles of repeating the same old practices, ignoring intractable problems, and focusing on improving human welfare where possible. This is the time to move on and envision a new future.
Can Russia build a future that will break the downward spiral of repeating its past, inspire new explorations, and assure peace?
““It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.” ― Voltaire; “If you fire at the past with a pistol, the future will shoot back with a cannon.” ― Rasul Gamzatov; “Tomorrow is determined today, the future is created in the present; in that moment that you pine pointlessly for the future, it is already deformed as it leaves your lazy hands. Time is yours, and whatever comes of it depends on you.” — Carl von Clausewitz; “Every original constitutive process is animated by pretentions that emptily constitute what is coming as coming, that catch it and bring it to fulfillment.” ― Edmund Husserl; “Future throws its shadow long before it enters.” — Anna Akmatova;
We write, discuss, and invent ways to think about the future.
Read our op-eds, scholarly work, and conference proceedings about visions of the future.
We develop research projects that can help us to rethink Russia and bring in new tools for thinking about its future.
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