White Russians History
A research project that reconstructs White Russians’ place within the transnational history of the far right and tracks influence of White ideology in today’s Russia
White Russians and the International Far Right
What links White Russian émigrés, Nazi Germany, Western intelligence agencies, Prussian aristocratic families, some clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? This international research project hopes to answer this seemingly eccentric question by rebuilding the history of a key theme of 20th-century history: the fight against the Soviet Union.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the anti-Communist struggle of the White émigrés has both been deeply renewed and transformed. In an incredible example of historical continuity—evidenced by the ideological continuation of certain family trees—some children and grandchildren of White émigrés have carried forth the torch of monarchism and the conservative (if not reactionary) values agenda. They now thrive in Russia, stand behind the war on Ukraine, and have revitalized connections with the European far right in the hope of creating a new conservative International.
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The European far right has always had Russophile tendencies, but these were obscured during the Cold War, when rightist politics were most of all anti-Communist.
Heidegger’s concept of Dasein is a straightforward call for rootedness and nativity, annunciating the rebirth of anti-Western civilizations.
This article deals with the Russian emigrants who welcomed the taking of power by the National Socialists and their motivations for collaboration.
An history of the White Russian émigré community’s contribution to the global anti-Communist struggle in France, based on declassified archives from the French police and intelligence services.
The life of Vasily Shulgin, the living embodiment of tsarist Russia and the White cause in the Soviet Union, passing on the memory of a bygone era to new generations of Russian nationalists.
Alexei von Lampe (1885–1967) played a critical role in White Russian history as a link between the old White guard and the Nazi regime, as well as with the collaborationist Russian Liberation Army led by General Vlasov.
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