The Soviet Babylon Archive
A pioneering digital archive project that makes available and searchable declassified Soviet archives
The Soviet Babylon Archive
The Tatlin Tower was never been constructed, but the Tower of Soviet Babel created a new linguistic reflection of a new set of collective and individual experiences.

Studying Russia’'s past helps us to comprehend today’s Russia and deconstruct this unique Soviet language that in many ways works at the level of the subconscious.
The Soviet Babylon Archive provides accessibility of historical documents. This digital project makes available and searchable declassified Soviet archives and seeks to create new virtual libraries without borders.
Collect documents
We collect documents on Soviet history in archives and open-source collections
Research collections
Scholars have access to a plethora of documents that accompanying each publication. We make these collections publicly available
Thematic collections
We prepare thematic collections on important topics, relevant events, and memorial dates
Online access
Our archive is available to any scholar on any device
Scholarly crowdsourcing
Contribute your document collection to accompany your publications with a personalized online archive
Universal databse
Our database encompasses tens of Russian archives and allows flexible document source
Search for documents or share your collection with your colleagues
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