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A Dead End for Russia’s War Economy


Vadim Grishin

Vadim Grishin writes that Russia’s better than expected economic performance over the past year is misleading and describes the grave challenges that lie ahead and the Kremlin’s limited options.

Kremlin Tries to Minimize Sanctions Damage and Maintain Control Over Alrosa


Nikolai Petrov

Nikolai Petrov takes Alrosa, one of Russia’s biggest commodity companies, to show how sanctions are forcing the Kremlin to make certain personnel decisions and change its tax policy.

Why Does Putin Need Rublev’s The Trinity?


Aleksander Blekher

Religion scholar Alexander Blekher discusses the transfer of The Trinity by Andrei Rublev, one of the most famous Russian icons, to the Russian Orthodox Church, comparing the Christian veneration of icons with divine objects in pagan cults.

‘Almost All Famous Artists Have Left or Will Leave, and Those Who Remain Will Be Blacklisted and Banned’


Artemy Troitsky

Artemy Troitsky discusses the pop music scene since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and compares it to Soviet ideological constraints and repressions. In his view, today’s situation is more toxic than it was back in the 1980s.

Can Peace Be Expected? Sure, But No One Will Like It


Oleg Kashin

Oleg Kashin responds to the groundswell of initiatives to end or temporarily stop the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He points out that direct contact between Zelensky and Putin is impossible and considers what else might be done.

It’s Not Only Soldiers Making Money off the War


Tatyana Rybakova

Tatyana Rybakova writes that there are more and more beneficiaries and thus supporters of the war, because each of them – even if they do not support the war itself, even if they are against Putin – will lose money, a career or status when it ends.

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