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On how Russia's counter-hegemonic narrative echoes the main historical struggles of the Latin American left: anti-Americanism, anti-colonialism, and anti-liberalism.
Alexander Cooley explains that impressed by the West unity, we overlooked the dilemmas and balancing acts that a lot of the Eurasian states, governments, and actors have had to make in response to the war.
Maxime Audinet explains how RT and Sputnik, while facing restrictions and closure in Europe after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are looking for new opportunities in the Global South.
Russia and China have developed informational influence strategies in Africa in order to broadcast positive speeches about their presence and activities in the continent.
Moscow’s informational influence mechanisms as one of the key facets of Russia’s renewed presence in Francophone sub-Saharan Africa.
While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a large decoupling with the West, Moscow has not been isolated from the non-Western world and has even reinvested its diplomatic energy toward the Global South.
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